Located on Tambootie Ward, Level 3, Junction 12

The Maternity Assessment Unit is located on Tambootie Ward.  It is staffed by midwives 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you are 16 weeks or more pregnant and require additional care or assessment that can’t be provided by the routine community midwifery service, you may be referred here.

You can call MAU and speak to a midwife if you are 16 weeks pregnant or more, if you have an immediate concern regarding your pregnancy.  You will be advised whether you need to attend MAU for assessment, stay at home or be seen by your GP.

You should call MAU if:

  • You are experiencing abdominal pain
  • You think you are in labour (if you are planning to deliver your baby on the Birth Centre then please call them directly)
  • You think your waters have broken
  • You have any bleeding
  • You have Itching of the hands and feet
  • You have a change in the pattern of your baby’s movements

When you arrive on MAU, you will be seen by a midwife who will undertake an antenatal assessment.  Depending on your reason for attending, you may then need to be seen by one of our Obstetric doctors before you are able to go home.

If necessary we may undertake additional procedures, for example, blood tests, blood pressure monitoring, order an urgent scan and monitor your baby’s heart rate if needed.

MAU is a very busy area and patients will be triaged and seen in order of clinical need.  We appreciate that attending hospital can be an anxious time for you and your family and are therefore very grateful for your patience and we will endeavour to see you as soon as possible.

Telephone 01322 428280 or 01322 428278

Please note: we are unable to assist with the booking/changing of appointments in other departments (for example, maternity ultrasound or antenatal clinic)

9.jpeg Jane West- Operational Lead for the Maternity Assessment Unit