Options for Birth following caesarean birth previously.

‘Vaginal Birth after Caesarean’ (VBAC) is the term used when a woman wishes to give birth vaginally following a caesarean birth and ERCS (Elective Repeat Caesarean Section) is the term for women who wish to have an elective caesarean birth. 

At Darent Valley Hospital we strive to promote a birth experience that is right for you and your family, and facilitate individualised women-centred care. We believe that all women should be provided with the correct information to make informed decisions regarding their birth options.  
We understand that you may have concerns regarding your previous birth experience and this may influence how you feel about this pregnancy.

Our Birth Options clinic is a specialist clinic for women who have had at least one previous caesarean birth.

The appointment is normally early into the pregnancy and consists of:

  • A routine antenatal check
  • Discussion regarding your previous delivery with a debrief, if required 
  • A full discussion of your birth options for your current pregnancy

If you would like to further information, please contact: