Maternity Visiting Guidance


Visiting hours were restricted during Covid and although the need to wear masks is no longer present, Covid and other respiratory infections are still a risk to mother’s and babies, so visiting remains restricted within Maternity.

We welcome a Birth Partner to support you throughout the Maternity Pathway and to visit/stay in the ward areas in both the antenatal and postnatal period.

Attending Maternity Assessment Unit (MAU) (Tambootie Ward): If you need to attend MAU for an assessment, you are welcome to attend with one support person.   If there are any issues with this your midwife will be happy to discuss these with you.

Antenatal Admission/Induction of Labour: If you are admitted during your pregnancy or for induction of labour to the Antenatal Ward (Cedar), your birthing partner can accompany you and remain with you 24 hours a day if they wish. No other visitors are permitted.

Labour: When you are in established labour, two birthing partners are able to attend the Delivery Suite or The Birth Centre with you and remain with you until you are transferred to the postnatal ward (Aspen or Cedar Ward)

After the birth of your Baby/ies

Once on the ward after the birth of your baby we can only facilitate one birthing partner who can be your partner or one nominated person who can visit or remain with you throughout your stay in this area. This person is here to assist you with the care of your baby Day and Night. This nominated person is the only person other than siblings who can visit on the postnatal ward. We do not facilitate swapping of birth partners during this period.

Siblings from the same family unit are welcome to visit on Aspen and Cedar Ward between the hours of 9am and 9pm accompanied by the nominated birth partner provided they are: free from obvious infection and not left on their own.