North Kent Maternity Voices Partnership

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We exist to represent people who use maternity services in your area. 
Do you have feedback about your experiences? Whether your experience was excellent or you felt it could be improved, we want to hear from you. 
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Get involved through Maternity Voices Partnerships

North Kent Maternity Voices Partnership (MVP), is an independent multi-disciplinary advisory and action forum with service users at the centre.

It both uses a formal committee structure, with written agendas and formal minutes of discussions and decisions, and incorporates the principles and practice of participatory co-design and co-production through small group work in order to ensure that the five principles of MVPs are at the core of the commissioning, monitoring and continuous improvement of maternity services.

Five principles

An MVP creates and maintains a co-production forum for maternity service users, service user advocates, commissioners, service providers and other strategic partners. Members and the collective forum operate on the following founding five principles:

  1. Work creatively, respectfully and collaboratively to co-produce solutions together.  
  2. Work together as equals, promoting and valuing participation. Listen to, and seek out, the voices of women, birthing people, families and carers using maternity services, even when that voice is a whisper. Enabling people from diverse communities to have a voice. 
  3. Use experience data and insight as evidence.
  4. Understand and work with the interdependency that exists between the experience of staff and positive outcomes for women, birthing people, families and carers.
  5. Forensic in the pursuit of continuous quality improvement with a particular focus on closing inequality gaps.  

We value and welcome any feedback so we can review and improve your maternity services for women and families.