Online Antenatal Course

This course will run for 4 weeks, every Tuesday from 17.45-20.00. Suitable for couples from 28 weeks of pregnancy.

Class 1: Normal labour & birth and self-help techniques

Class 2: When assistance is needed and analgesia

Class 3: Infant feeding and bonding with your baby

Class 4: The immediate postnatal period and care of your new baby

*New Class 5: Optional face-to-face self-help class (please book separately)*

To book a space go to:
DVH Parent Education Team Events | Eventbrite

Online Vaginal Birth After Caesarean (VBAC) Workshop

Online VBAC workshop for parents who have had a previous caesarean birth and from 32 weeks of pregnancy. Held on the last Saturday of the month from 10.00-11.30.

To book a space go to:
DVH Parent Education Team Events | Eventbrite

The course has content you can trust. It was developed by registered midwives working with health professionals in the Solihull Approach team. You can work through the content at your own pace.

*Also available in Polish, Arabic and Urdu*

You can gain access using the code INVICTA

Visit and apply code when prompted.

Solihull Approach

Contact details

Please call 01322 428100 ext 4906 or email Amanda Doherty, Parent Education Coordinator at

See our Padlet for useful links and videos relating to antenatal education: DVH Antenatal Education Padlet

Antenatal education padlet

Presentations from classes

Amanda Doherty.jpg
Amanda Doherty- Parent Education Midwife


My main role is to organise and facilitate antenatal education classes for parents booked for maternity care at DGT. I work collaboratively with other health professionals to ensure current evidence based information is taught to support women and families make informed choices.

I am passionate about antenatal education; I believe that having an understanding of the physiology of birth, an awareness of choices and knowledge of where to get further support can go a long way to ensure a positive birth experience, whether this be a vaginal birth, caesarean birth etc...

I am also a Hypnobirth Midwife Practitioner, part of the Birth Reflection and Resolution team and I am involved with the creation and maintenance of the DGT Maternity Website.


Ana Llorente.jpg
Ana Llorente - Clinical Support Worker to Specialist Midwives 


I am a Maternity Support Worker providing clinical assistance to the Infant Feeding, Parent Education and Diabetes specialist teams. An important part of my work is dedicated to supporting families clinically and providing feeding and general antenatal education. I also support the Infant Feeding midwife in running the service in accordance to Unicef’s Baby Friendly Initiative and providing staff training.