pkb1.pngDartford & Gravesham NHS Trust is pleased to offer our patients an online service that gives you secure access to your health record. It’s designed to improve your patient experience and access to NHS services and information. It’s a bit like online banking, but instead, you can use it to managed your health. Our Maternity unit is encouraging you to use this service as we work to give you safe, personalised care at all stages of your maternity journey.

You can use PKB to:

  • Message your community team 
  • View details of your inpatient/outpatient visits to the hospital
  • View upcoming and past appointment dates
  • Record/track medical diagnoses, allergies, medications, measurements (weight, exercise, height, BP etc) and symptoms
  • View a wide range of relevant information in one place
  • Keep a journal with any other thoughts, feelings or progress of your health condition (that are not included in your Personalise Care Plans)
  • View and update your 3 Personalised Care Plans
    1. Health and Wellbeing in Pregnancy
    2. Personalised Birth Preferences
    3. After your baby is born
  • View your pregnancy, birth and postnatal care summary information


Other features will be available in the future as we start to use more of PKB, such as:

  • Appointment letters 
  • Test results
  • Ultrasound scan reports
  • Data from wearable devices e.g. Fitbit

‚ÄčIt is important to note that PKB is a tool for you to manage your care; it is not an instant service and your community midwife team will not be checking it in real-time. Therefore, this service is not to be used for urgent concerns and you should continue to call Maternity Assessment Unit (01322 428100 ext. 4280) if you are worried about your own or your baby’s health.

Please read this leaflet for more information about how to use PKB.

Refer to the hospital’s main PKB page for how to register or if you have any queries. You can also read PKB’s manual for further information.