If you wish to view any of these documents in a different language please follow these steps…

PLEASE BE AWARE - Due to the 'clinical' nature of some of these documents translation to different languages may not be completely accurate and the  information contained in them should not be solely relied upon.

  1. Open the leaflet/file from the list below (you can also use the search option (i.e. Induction of Labour).
  2. Save the file to your PC (to the Desktop is fine)
  3. Go to https://translate.google.co.uk/
  4. Select the language needed on the right-hand side (Detect Language or English is fine on the left)
  5. Click on Documents then Browse your computer and select the file that you just downloaded and click translate...
  6. Click download translation to save the file (this is normally gets saved to the DOWNLOADS folder on your PC/Mac).
  7. Open the file!